The Norwegian Fishermen’s Association

The Norwegian Fishermen’s Association is the professional fishermens union and business organization. The association is a politically independent, professional national organization based on voluntary membership of fishermen.

The organization’s leader (chairman) has since November 2021 been Kåre Heggebø. The association is a politically independent, professional national organization based on voluntary membership of fishermen. 

The association organizes boat owners as well as crewmen, such as self-employed fishermen on small fishing vessels, and crew members/crew fishermen on large ocean-going fishing vessels. As such, we are an association for both workers and employers, as well as fishermen in sole proprietorships.

The Norwegian Fishermen’s Association is a private tariffs organization, where the differentiated Crew Section and Boat Owner’s Section represents the negotiating parties. You will find our suggested employment contract in english version here.

The Norwegian Fishermen’s Association is based on memberships in local and regional fishermen’s associations, with a total of 100 local chapters, and two semi-independent group organizations. Today, the organization counts approximately 4 300 members from across the country.The organization was founded in 1926.

The main administration for Norwegian Fishermen’s Association is located in Trondheim, and the two regional associations and one group organizations are:

Nord Fiskarlag

Sør-Norges Fiskarlag

Fiskebåt, Ålesund

The Norwegian Fishermen’s Associations main focus is to safeguard all fishermens best interests in a number of important ways. We work with the main goal to gather the country’s fishermen in an organization to achieve unity and strength in our efforts to promote the fishermens professional, economic, social and cultural interests.

Norwegian Fishermen’s Association works closely with central and local authorities bringing forward issues on the advice of our members. Because of the fishing industry’s major impact on the coast, the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association has a central position and great responsibility in terms of activity and settlements in the coastal districts.

The Norwegian Fishermen’s Association is an active participant in national and international fisheries management, and contributes actively in setting the agenda for the authorities in negotiations of quotas and trade policies. We are also involved in training of foreign fishermen for everyone to have the same goal and understanding about managing the community in the best way, thus contributing to sustainable fisheries also for the coming generations.

We are an active proponent of environmentally sound fisheries, both in terms of equipment, fuel, methods and efficiency of the fishery.

Public information reg. fisheries: See folder/website –

Ten good reasons to be member of Norwegian Fishermen’s Association:

  • Norwegian Fishermen’s Association is the largest profession association of fishermen in Norway, and have shaped the Norwegian fisheries policy since 1926.
  • Norwegian Fishermen’s Association is fighting for predictable conditions for both boat owners and crew members so that we have profitable and safe workplaces at sea.
  • The associations involvement includes work with coastal policies.
  • The associations two tariffs units ensure fair agreements for all parties.
  • All members can get legal advice about professional issues.
  • The association represents an extensive network of knowledge and expertise that all members have full access to take advantage of.
  • The association produce and distribute targeted information through national media, web page
  • The associations work within health, safety and environment in the fishing fleet has the highest priority in order to reduce risks associated with the profession.
  • Research and development plays a crucial role in the development of the fishing fleet.
  • The membership can be made directly profitable through our discount agreements, and you can deduct 100 % of the membership cost on your tax return.

Contact information

Phone: (+ 47) 73 54 58 50

Union leader/Chairman of the Board:

Kåre Heggebø (send email)

Contact details for the staff

Main office, Trondheim

The office is located at Pirsenteret, Havnegata 9, entrance B, 4th floor

Postal address:
Postboks 1233 Torgarden